Series 530-T: Horizontal Slider
Series 530-T: Single Hung

Trouble Free Care

Durable Materials: The Series 530-T utilizes only the highest-grade components: Adjustable stainless steel rollers (nylon tires to prevent track damage) and stainless steel latch assemblies. Even more, we use only stainless steel fasteners to attach these components.

Simple Upkeep: Fleetwood has published a simple set of procedures to ensure the long life of your Fleetwood doors and windows. It is conveniently located on the Homeowners section of our website.

Installation Assistance: To assist builders with a waterproof installation we offer an integral nail-on fin (part of the frame extrusion). Other window factories attach a separate add-on fin. This short cut can cause water leak issues years down the road.

Sturdy Components: Every single hung is made with the highest-grade, heavy-duty sash balances which support the weight and allow effortless operation.