Series 530-T: Horizontal Slider
Series 530-T: Single Hung

Special Hardware

Rollers: In keeping with its well-deserved elite status, the Series 530-T stainless steel roller is more like a sliding door roller than a window roller. The tandem tires are made of nylon which prevents the tracks from getting damaged. These are just two more examples of how Fleetwood designs its products with an emphasis on the "little things." Each roller is adjustable and is strong enough to handle panels that exceed 500 lbs.

The Finest Hardware Available: In addition to the custom nature of the internal components, the Series 530-T latch is made from cast stainless steel and costs more to manufacture than some windows in their entirety. We believe discriminating customers will value this exceptional handle/latch for its functionality and modern esthetics.

Heavy Duty Rated: Because of its heavy wall design it takes stronger sash balance hardware to balance the Series 530-T. The standard balance system is designed for heavy commercial use, but in the Series 530-T single hung, it becomes a luxury item.