Series 530-T: Horizontal Slider
Series 530-T: Single Hung


Line Symmetry: Careful attention was given to the scale of the Series 530-T sliding window. The vertical extrusions were engineered to handle large sizes and retain architectural splendor.

Heavy Walls: It does not take a professional to realize the hidden engineering in each Series 530-T extrusion because we have made them thicker than most, if not all, rival windows. During operation of the window, the user will immediately experience its sturdiness and palpable luxury.

Steel Window Look: The Series 530-T is offered with a simulated divided lite which resembles a classic steel window beveled design. To view a cross section detail of the Steel Look grids, see page 37 of the window and door brochure.

Encapsulated Screen: The Series 530-T surpasses all other windows for many reasons. One of its unique features is its "captured" screen. Most window screens jut out from the main frame but the Series 530-T is captured within the frame depth, creating a clean and sleek appearance.

Large Sizes: "How big?" is a defining question that will determine the quality of a window. The Series 530-T was engineered to not only function in extreme sizes but to function with ease. For many windows, a typical max size is a 25 square foot sliding panel. The Series 530-T, however, is EASILY made 40 square feet.