Series 3200-T Slim Line Hinge Door

Strength & Beauty

Hinges: The four, low profile hinges are complimentary of the slim extrusions yet strong enough to handle a 40" wide by 108" tall panel. The hinges are adjustable to allow fine tuning of the operation.

Hardware: The Series 3200-T comes standard with an FSB stainless steel locking system. It features the same lever as the Atlantic 3900-T but with a slimmer profile escutcheon plate. A single point, self latching lock is complimented by a thumb turn deadbolt with an optional keyed cylinder. The passive panel within a pair configuration is secured at head and sill with a concealed single lever.

Reduced Lines: Many hinged doors on the market come standard with glazing stops on the interior and exterior, which adds more seams to draw the eye. The Series 3200-T comes with one stop only.