Series 3070 Exterior Rated Multi-slide & Pocket Door System

Consideration To Details

Patent Pending "Recessed Latch": In 2005 we began a two-year design project to create a better door latching system. The hardware market choices failed to meet Fleetwood’s quality level so we needed to design our own. The net result is the Archetype latching systems. An image of this hardware is provided below but we strongly encourage you to experience it first hand.

American Disabilities Act (ADA): The Series 3070 complies with strict mandates set forth in the law concerning Americans with disabilities. Sections ADAAG 4.13.9 "Hardware," 4.13.8 "Thresholds," and 4.13.11 "Opening Force" are all satisfied by specific features of the Series 3070. For more detailed information, please visit the Homeowners section of our website and select Making The Right Choices.

Archetype Lever: One outstanding feature of the Archetype hardware is its ability to quickly convert a standard door lock into one that meets ADA requirements. The optional Archetype Lever comes in its own packet and takes only a few moments to install.

Fit & Finished: We have gone to great lengths to make the appearance of this door exceptional. We provide free upgrades that other manufacturers think are a waste of money, such as: Pocket Closers, Jamb Closers, Head Closers, and Sill Closers. These "small things" complete the package.

Precision Bearing Rollers: The Archetype roller comes standard with authentic precision bearings. Many doors claim precision but only Fleetwood partners with a Switzerland based manufacturer that specializes in precision bearings for other industries.

Robust Screen: So many other doors are provided with a flimsy screen. Our standard screen is the best sliding screen door made, period! Why? Because we use the same parts as we do on the glass panels.