Series 3070-HI Hurricane/Impact Rated Sliding Door System

Unique Features

90-Degree Corner Doors: The Series 3070-HI has passed the Dade County requirements in a corner door. This provides the owners with a tremendous quality of life feature. Imagine the two outer glass walls of the room sliding into a hidden pocket. What remains? Because there is NO corner post it is just you and your view!

Configuration Styles: Because each panel can have its own track, you can create hundreds of custom systems such as PXXXXX, OXXXXXO, PXXP, XXXXXXX, etc. Just ask your dealer or contact Inside Sales at the factory to help you design your custom system.

Slender Vertical Stiles: Many impact rated doors have large, bulky vertical stiles. The "HI" is the only door with a sleek, 2-1/8" wide interlocker to maximize the view.

Tighter Interlockers: Notice how the interlockers on all Fleetwood doors "wedge" into each other? This makes a rattle free union. Cheaper models rely solely on the brush weather-stripping. This causes more noise and air infiltration because the brush wears out.