Series 3070-HI Hurricane/Impact Rated Sliding Door System

Easily Preserved

Replaceable Stainless Steel Track: Most every other door on the market cuts corners when it comes to the rollers and the track. Not Fleetwood! Our deluxe product rolls on a stainless steel insert, which optimizes operation ease. The other guys provide a Band-Aid approach with a thin cap over an aluminum track. As with most Band-Aids it will eventually come off.

Track Finish Protection: Our door threshold design is unique in many aspects, one of which is its built in protection against damage. Notice that the stainless steel track insert sits a little higher than the aluminum sill, protecting the finish from damage caused by foot traffic and daily wear and tear. Other door manufacturers provide a different color sill to mask such damage but Fleetwood’s beauty extends all the way to the floor.

Stainless Steel: The Series 3070-HI uses only the highest-grade stainless steel rollers and latch assemblies. As well, we use only stainless steel fasteners to attach these components to the aluminum framing.

Low Maintenance: For general applications where regular maintenance of your doors is expected, our standard anodize finishing is an excellent choice for durability purposes. However, for those who may not be able to provide as strict a regime of maintenance, we strongly recommend Edge Armor. It is a finish procedure option that involves total fabrication of your "HI" doors BEFORE painting so all edges are armored with the same protective finish as the rest of the door. This option costs more upfront but the value is well worth it! As well as the aesthetic benefit, Edge Armor comes with a 10-year warranty. It is only available in painted applications (no anodizing).