Norwood 3050 "Hidden Threshold" Multi-slide & Pocket Door System

Outstanding Features

Hidden Track System: Our unique track distinguishes the Series 3050 from all other doors in its category. It is a 1" tall aluminum sill that was designed to be buried to achieve a flat track. A popular feature of this system is to stagger each track so when the panels are in a closed position, the track is concealed even more. We also offer an optional 1-1/2" tall track.

American Disabilities Act (ADA): The Norwood 3050 complies with strict mandates set forth in the law regarding Americans with disabilities. Sections ADAAG 4.13.9 "Hardware," 4.13.8 "Thresholds," and 4.13.11 "Opening Force" are all satisfied by specific features of the Series 3050. For more information, please visit the Homeowners section of our website and select Making The Right Choices.

Distinctive Performance Glass: On all of our doors and windows we offer thousands of glazing choices. From painted glass to decorative glass we offer most materials that will fit within our glazing capacity. A great deal of interest has been directed at specialty glass such as "self cleaning" and the latest low e glazing that allows more light and less of the sun’s heat.

Pass-Though Window: The Series 3050 is ideal for unobstructed pass-through window applications. We highly recommend taking advantage of the pocket option for these applications. Imagine the alfresco flow of your patio to the kitchen.

Customizing Operation: Because each panel can have its own track, you can create hundreds of custom systems such as PXXXXX, OXXXXXO, PXXP, XXXXXXX, etc. Just ask your dealer or contact Inside Sales at the factory to help you design your custom system.

Saving More Money: Larger doors mean more natural light, saving you money. If you choose one of our higher performing glass systems the light is conditioned for greater comfort. Destructive elements such as UV Rays are filtered out, which improves your comfort and protects your flooring, furnishings and art.