Norwood 3050 "Hidden Threshold" Multi-slide & Pocket Door System

Green & Sustainable Recycle

Inert Coatings & Finishes: We offer two types of finishes on our aluminum windows and doors, which are paint and anodizing. Both processes result in environmentally safe products that do not require refinishing. Because Fleetwood products are factory finished for life, you need only keep them clean. Can you imagine how much toxic waste would be prevented if everyone chose aluminum? See the inside cover of our brochure for more information regarding painting and anodizing.

Safer: If a fire were to occur in your home your aluminum would not be emitting toxic fumes. Other door products incinerate quickly and add to the flames but only windows and doors made from metal will not burn. Also, vinyl products are petroleum based and therefore a great fire hazard and emit toxic fumes. In fact, some rural communities prohibit vinyl door products for this very reason. This product is not fire rated.

Made Of Recycled Metal: Every aluminum window and door is made up of components (rollers, latches, weather-stripping...) as well as extrusions and glass. These extrusions are comprised of virgin aluminum and, on average 40% - 50% of post consumer recycled content to provide the world with products whose supply is nearly unlimited.

Goes The Distance: All windows and doors eventually must be replaced BUT aluminum windows and doors last decades longer than wood and vinyl. Consider the impact on the world’s landfills with all the wood and vinyl waste. Furthermore, imagine the wasted energy on redundant manufacturing of short-lived wood and vinyl windows and doors.