Series 3000 Traditional Sliding Glass Door


Patent Pending Latch: In 2005 we began a two-year design project to create a better door latching system. The market offered several types but all failed to pass the Fleetwood quality level so we needed to design our own. The net result is the Archetype hardware.

Precision Bearing Rollers: The Series 3000 comes standard with a precision bearing roller similar to the Mammoth Roller. The difference is that these wheels measure 1-7/8" whereas the Mammoth wheels are 3" in diameter. Ask your dealer for more information or contact the factory direct.

Deluxe Screen: So many doors are provided with a flimsy screen. A cheap screen door can make a nice door system seem cheap. Our standard screen is sturdy and attractive and our stainless steel rollers and latching system make it easy to operate.

ADA Lever: One outstanding feature of the Archetype hardware is its ability to quickly convert a standard door lock into one that meets ADA requirements. The optional ADA Lever comes in its own packet and takes only a few moments to install.