Series 3000 Traditional Sliding Glass Door


Dressed Up: So many of our competitors fasten their fixed panels with ugly clips and exposed fasteners. Fleetwood has an exclusive design on our unique Sill Block which secures the fixed panel in a stealth manner. Moreover, our head filler really dresses up the entire door system.

Salt Air Upgrade: If your home is within 3 miles of salt water we strongly recommend Edge Armor. It is a finish procedure option that involves total fabrication of your doors BEFORE painting so all edges are armored with the same protective finish as the rest of the door. This option costs more upfront but the value is well worth it! As well as the aesthetic benefit, Edge Armor comes with a 10-year warranty. It is only available in painted applications (no anodizing).

Insulated Glass Spacer: Our standard spacer is a dark bronze anodized color. Other products use a silver spacer, which reflects light as a mirror and is often distracting.

Hidden Excellence: One of the attractive features of a Fleetwood door is the hidden strength of the aluminum wall thickness. The other guys provide thin walls that scream "cheap" when you operate the product. With Fleetwood you get more than you paid for. Compare full size samples before you buy.