Series 250-HS: Horizontal Sliding
Series 250-SH: Single Hung

Stainless Steel Hardware

Stainless Steel Latch: The Series 250 latch is superior to EVERY other window latch because it is made of cast stainless steel and shaped for ergonomic purpose. It was designed with the luxury homeowner in mind. This hardware is also available in black.

Stainless Steel Rollers: Ball bearing rollers help differentiate the Series 250 from any other sliding window in its category. The performance is clear on all size windows but especially manifested in heavy windows. The ¾" diameter wheels are constructed of stainless steel and are belted with heavy nylon skin to protect the window finish. Some windows use metal tires but this will quickly remove the aluminum finish and begin to shave off the aluminum surface.

Balancing Act: Because of its robust design it takes special hardware to balance the Series 250 single hung window. Therefore we have elected not to use the typical "tilt in" feature balance systems that work great for the short term. Instead we have gone into a commercial grade block & tackle sash balance. It has few moving parts and performs its basic function perfectly, which is to perfectly balance the window.

Auto-Latch: Once the Series 250 window is closed, the unique, self-latching lock secures the window like no other window. This allows owners to be confident when they see their window shut from a distance they know it is locked. Additionally, the Westwood successfully passed rigid forced entry requirements.