Series 250-HS: Horizontal Sliding
Series 250-SH: Single Hung

Sleek & Strong

Extruded Screen: The Series 250-HS comes standard with an extruded aluminum screen frame. Most windows in this product category provide a roll formed frame. Not only is roll formed aluminum softer and more susceptible to damage but it cannot be anodized.

Narrow Rails & Stiles: The bottom and top rails of the sliding window and the fixed stiles and jambs of the single hung were designed to accentuate the glass and still provide enough strength for large windows.

Steel Window Look: The Series 250 is offered with a simulated divided lite which resembles a classic steel window beveled design. To view a cross section detail of the Steel Look grids, see page 37 of the window and door brochure.

Surprising Strength: For such a sleek styled window, the Series 250 has strength and sturdiness that often surprises people. This strength is especially obvious during a storm, at which time you will feel safe behind the Series 250 knowing it is designed for such purposes.