Series 250-HS: Horizontal Sliding
Series 250-SH: Single Hung

Return On Investment

Energy Glass: We offer hundreds of high performance glazing choices on the Series 250 sliding window, including spectrally selective low e glass. This is an amazing glass innovation that allows a high level of natural light into the room but reflects the harmful and uncomfortable sunrays.

STC Results: The Series 250 is tested to several STC ratings. Review the list of results using the Testing link at right or contact the Sales Department and we will be happy to help locate the right product.

Weather-stripping Balance: A well designed window balances the type, size and quantity of its weather-stripping. Too much and the door is hard to operate. Too little weather-stripping and the window works well but does not keep out water and wind effectively.

Furnishings and Art: Larger windows mean more natural light, saving you money. If you choose one of our higher performing glass systems the light is conditioned for greater comfort. Destructive elements such as UV Rays are filtered out, which improves your comfort and protects your flooring, furnishings and art.