Series 250-T: Casement, Awning, Hopper

Safety & Sound Control

Hurricane Glazing: The Series 250-T is offered with factory glazed hurricane resistant glass. This specialty glazing is made with a thicker interlayer than standard laminated glass. This interlayer was designed to resist a wood missile impacting at 50’ per second and the onslaught of small missiles.

Noise Control: Some homes are located in areas where the ambient sounds are desired. In some cases however, exterior noises such as traffic are best if kept out. To accommodate these situations, we offer all of our products with sound abatement glazing.

Fire Heat Resistance: There are window and door products designed and rated to resist impingement of actual flames but these steel framed products are limited in function and design. Aluminum doors and windows offer great performance and style and actually help maintain wall integrity during a fire. The real enemy, which often incinerates houses, is heat or flying embers. Typical residential windows (wood or vinyl) are quickly damaged by heat and embers whereas our extruded aluminum retains its form at over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit thereby protecting your home.

Security Benefits: Because Fleetwood endeavors to make its products better instead of cheaper, we can provide specialty products that others should not. The best glass for high-security is laminated glass. It is two sheets of glass sandwiched to a polyvinyl interlayer, just like your car windshield, which must withstand severe impact for your safety. Unless our competitors have an operating system equal to Fleetwood, they should not attempt this heavier glass.