Series 2000: Casement, Awning, Hopper

Window Installation & Upkeep

Leak Stoppage: To assist builders with a waterproof installation we offer an integral nail-on fin (part of the frame extrusion). Other window factories attach a separate add-on fin. This short cut can cause water leak issues years down the road.

Basic Upkeep: Fleetwood has published a simple set of procedures to ensure the long life of your Fleetwood doors and windows. It is conveniently located on the Homeowners section of our website.

Everyday Use: One maintenance issue, often overlooked, is the daily hassle of using a window. The Series 2000 components and design allow it to open and close with ease every time. How much is it worth to NOT fight with opening and closing your window?

Intruder Resistant: When consideration is being made for the type of windows you want for your home, rodents, termites and vermin (especially the human variety) are often not factored into the decision. Invaders can easily destroy wood or vinyl but our 6063-T6 extrusions are vermin and termite resistant. The 6063-T6 designates the aluminum alloy used in our extrusions and the tempering level.