Series 2000: Casement, Awning, Hopper

Neat & Strong

Corner Bolstering: The longevity of casement and awning windows largely depends on the vent corner strength. The corners hold the entire vent together and if one fails, all fail. The Series 2000 corners are joined with an extruded key, which is hydraulically pressed, and then each corner is sealed with self-leveling acrylic.

Extruded Screen: The Series 2000 screen is constructed of heavy gauge extruded aluminum and is pinned to the main frame with threaded barrel clips. The Series 2000 is often ordered without screens for an even sleeker look that emulates steel windows.

More Corner Strength! The Series 2000 is offered with reinforced mainframe corners as well as its vent corners. Less expensive models typically do not reinforce the main frame.

Extrusion Thickness: It does not take a professional to realize the hidden engineering in each Series 2000 extrusion because we have made them thicker than most, if not all, rival windows. During operation of the window, the user will immediately appreciate its sturdiness.