Series 1000 Traditional Sliding Glass Door


Stainless Steel Track: Most every other door on the market cuts corners when it comes to the rollers and the track. Our doors roll on a heavy gauge stainless steel insert instead of a track cover. This optimizes operation because the convex relationship of the track fits perfectly with the concavity of the wheel. Most other manufacturers have an aluminum sill and strap on a thin cap. Like most short cuts, this cap will deform and eventually come off. Additionally, our tandem roller comes with a "sealed bearing" (see The "Little" Things on page 4 of our main brochure).

Vermin Resistant: When consideration is being made for the type of doors you want for your home, rodents, termites and vermin (especially the human variety) are often not factored into the decision. Invaders can easily destroy wood or vinyl but our 6063-T6 extrusions are vermin and termite resistant. The 6063-T6 designates the aluminum alloy used in our extrusions and the tempering level.

Maintainable: Unfortunately everything needs to be maintained. Some things are difficult and therefore costly to maintain. Still others are designed to allow easy maintenance and to be cost effective. The Series 1000 falls into the latter category. This door was made to last a lifetime, which is still another reason to pay the extra for a Fleetwood. We have simple yet thorough maintenance instructions available. You can review these at