Series 1000 Traditional Sliding Glass Door

Hidden Distinction

Better, Not Cheaper: Our Series 1000 door now comes standard with the same flush hardware as our 1070-EX and 1050 series doors. This high-quality hardware offers minimal sightlines, with the improved ergonomics of deep flush pulls, and the positive operation of twin stainless latches, engaging a custom stainless strike.

Locking Hardware: The Series 1000 comes standard with the same flush hardware as the Series 1070-EX and Series 1050 sliding door systems. The inset pull is attractive and provides plenty of room for operation and the effortless operator controls two stainless steel latches that mortise a stainless steel strike plate.

Dressed Up: So many of our competitors fasten their fixed panels with ugly clips and exposed fasteners. Fleetwood has an exclusive design on our unique Sill Block. As well, our head closer really dresses up the entire door system.

Deluxe Screen: So many doors are provided with a flimsy screen. Our standard screen is a heavy-duty door that not only works great in high traffic areas but attractive as well. Our screens are made for the most punishing environments.

Hidden Excellence: An attractive feature of the Series 1000 is the hidden strength of the aluminum wall thickness. Other products have thin walls that scream "cheap" when you operate the product. With Fleetwood you get more than you pay for. Compare full size samples before you buy.